The Best Safety Wire Pliers According to Our 2022 Research

If you are an aviation engineer, auto technician, or a backyard mechanic who takes apart critical machinery, chances are you’ve come across bolts that are locked in place with safety wiring. Those perfect consistent twists on the wires are made with a tool called a safety wire pliers.

A safety wire pliers is a special tool for automatically twisting the ends of safety wires. You can also open bolts locked using safety wiring using this tool. Moreover, if you are in need of holding a bolt in specific torque, this pliers will be perfect for you. You’ll mostly find safety wire pliers in places such as aircraft and speed racing cars.

However, not all safety wire pliers are made the same. To get the most secure twists, you need to choose one of the quality safety wire pliers.

To help you in making an informed purchase, we’ve picked out the best safety wire pliers from the hundreds available in the market. That’s not all, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about safety wire pliers including a buying guide and tips on how to use them properly.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

# Preview Product
1 ARES 10009 - 6-inch Reversible Wire Twister Pliers - Auto Return - Untwist Tool can Grip, Twist, and Cut Stainless Steel Safety Wire on Vehicles, Machinery, and Aircraft ARES 10009 - 6-inch Reversible Wire Twister Pliers - Auto Return - Untwist Tool can Grip, Twist, and...
2 6 Inch Safety Wire Pliers, Wire Twisting Tool Lock Wire Pliers, Wire Twister Tool for Aircraft Auto Industry 6 Inch Safety Wire Pliers, Wire Twisting Tool Lock Wire Pliers, Wire Twister Tool for Aircraft Auto...
3 OTC 4795 Safety Wire Twist Pliers OTC 4795 Safety Wire Twist Pliers
4 2 Pieces Aircraft Safety Wire Twisting Pliers Tools Wire Twist Pliers 9 Inch 6 Inch Lock Twister Safety Wire Pliers for Aircraft Auto Industry (Black) 2 Pieces Aircraft Safety Wire Twisting Pliers Tools Wire Twist Pliers 9 Inch 6 Inch Lock Twister...
5 BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers with 25' Stainless Steel Wire,15-1554 BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers with 25' Stainless Steel Wire,15-1554

Safety Wire Pliers Comparison Table

Name                  MaterialRecommended Wire DiameterHeight
BikeMaster 6” Safety Wire PliersStainless Steel0.025, 0.032 inch 6 inch
OTC 4795 Safety Wire Twist PliersAlloy Steel0.051, 0.04 inch8 inch
ARES 10009 Reversible Wire Twister PliersChrome Vanadium Steel0.020, 0.025, 0.032 inch6 inch
BIKEMASTER 9” SAFETY WIRE PLIERSAlloy Steel0.020, 0.032, 0.041 inch9 inch
Honoson 6 Inch Safety Wire PliersHigh Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel0.011 - 0.028 inches6 inch
Mudder 2 Pieces Aircraft Safety Wire Twisting PliersAlloy Steel0.011 - 0.028 inches6 inch & 9 inch
Stanley Proto J197 Safety Wire Reversible PliersAlloy Steel0.020-inch - 0.060-inch11 inch
Race-Driven Safety Wire PliersAlloy Steel0.020, 0.025, 0.032 inch6 inch
Stahlwille Wire Twisting Pliers  Vanadium0.41 inch8 inch
Gekufa Safety Wire Twisting PliersAlloy Steel, Metal0.011 - 0.028 inches6 inch & 9 inch

Our 10 Best Safety Wire Pliers Review in 2022

1. BikeMaster 6” Safety Wire Pliers

When talking about safety pliers, BikeMaster is the first brand that comes to mind. This brand has been producing military-grade safety pliers for years and their BikeMaster 6” Safety Wire Pliers is no exception to the legacy.

This superior quality stainless steel pliers is an essential part of every aviation engineer or automobile mechanics’ toolbox. You can efficiently use this six-inch pliers on steel wires with a diameter up to 0.032 inches. 

If the wires slip off during safety wiring, the twists come out inconsistent. But not with BikeMaster safety pliers. It has a powerful locking mechanism that keeps the wires locked in place as the barrel spins to twist the wires precisely. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the pliers wearing out with time and use. The combination of stainless steel and chrome polish makes it the best safety wire pliers and prevents rust & corrosion. 

You’ll definitely be pleased with the heavy-duty spring-loaded return and ball-bearing mechanism. These give you the ability to perform numerous safety wiring jobs without worrying about the longevity of the tool.

That’s not all, you also get 25-foot steel wire with this package. This will help you in getting a head start on your lock wiring projects. 

Highlighted Features

  • Six-inch long stainless steel safety pliers.
  • Effortless ball bearing operation.
  • Features chrome polished slide.
  • Ergonomic alloy steel handles.
  • It comes with a 25-foot wire.


  • Durable forged steel body
  • Prevents wire slippage
  • Impressive clamping force
  • Lasting rust-resistant finish
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Not suitable for thick wires

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2. OTC 4795 Safety Wire Twist Pliers

Next, we have the brand that has been providing mechanics & technicians quality tools for almost a century. It’s none other than the Owatonna Tool Company. 

So, if there is one safety pliers you can trust for providing exceptional service, it’s the OTC 4795 Safety Wire Twist Pliers. This 8-inch long pliers has been made from forged alloy steel to ensure extreme durability. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the tool failing mid-project.

In addition, the right-hand twisting mechanism allows you to quickly and uniformly braid steel wires. As a result, you get to finish more projects in less time.

If you don’t have to work with really thick wires in high-performance machines, this will be great for you. What’s more, you get to enjoy outstanding rust resistance with this pliers.

Ease of use is an important factor to consider in the case of safety pliers. OTC masters this sector too. It features an automatic spring return that precisely braids the wires along with a tapered jaw for wiring in tight corners.

That’s not all, the built-in wire cutter allows you to cut the wire ends after you’re done safety wiring. This eliminates the need for an additional wire cutter. 

Highlighted Features

  • Functional right-hand twist process.
  • 8-inch long alloy steel body.
  • Impressive automated spring return.
  • Features sturdy tapered jaws.
  • Comes with integrated mated cutters.


  • Produces consistent twists
  • Excellent safety measures
  • Works great in confined areas
  • Rapid wiring capability
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Not for larger gauge wires

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3. ARES 10009 Reversible Wire Twister Pliers

If you want safety pliers that can cope with the fast-paced professional work, check out the ARES 10009 Reversible Wire Twister Pliers. In terms of performance, no other safety pliers can beat this as this is the best reversible safety wire pliers.

You can use this pliers to twist in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Because of this, your safety wires become more tight and secure.

That’s not all, the reversible function allows you to undo wrong twists and open safety wired locks effortlessly. As a result, you can get so much more work done with just one pliers.

Enjoy its trustworthy and reliable service for years as it’s made with premium quality chrome vanadium steel. This material not only prevents premature breakage but also protects the pliers from moisture and excessive heat.

Furthermore, the braiding is done using an advanced automated spring-loaded mechanism. This along with a chrome finished retainer slide allow you to cut steel wires with a diameter up to 0.032 inches effectively. 

Lastly, you get to use these pliers in versatile fields starting from aircraft & automotive to metalwork & machinery. Whether you want to secure bolts on a brake rotor or tighten the bike handle, this safety pliers has got you covered.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality chrome vanadium steel.
  • Military-grade spring-loaded return.
  • Incredible reversible action.
  • Tapered jaws allow usage in tight areas.
  • Protective chrome finish.


  • Strong clamping capability
  • Corrosion & rust-resistant build
  • Boasts versatile usage
  • Allows you to cut wires 
  • Long-lasting reliable service


  • Short for heavy-duty wires

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BikeMaster 9” SAFETY WIRE PLIERS is another one of the best safety wire twist pliers. If you have to work with thicker wires, go for this durable & highly-functional pliers.

This safety pliers includes all the benefits of the 6” pliers along with a ton of added benefits. The long 9” pliers allow you to work with wires with a width up to 0.041 inches. So, you get to work on larger projects effectively.

Larger wires are difficult to handle. Therefore, you need to use a heavy-duty plier and that’s what this safety pliers offers you. You get to braid larger wires rapidly and consistently using the outstanding spring loaded function.

No matter if you want to safety wire aircraft parts, automobile machinery, or industrial apparatus, BikeMaster has got you covered. Their superior-quality safety pliers securely lock every kind of wire with unbelievable precision.

If you are worried about rust damage, don’t be! This pliers feature a striking red anodic finish that protects it from rust and corrosion.

What’s more, the quick twist helix makes installation super easy and the added steel wire allows you to start safety locking from the get-go.

Highlighted Features

  • Impressive 9-inch long alloy steel pliers.
  • Outstanding spring-loaded return.
  • Suitable for wires up to a 0.041-inch diameter.
  • Features an anodic red oxide finish.
  • Faster installation with quick twist helix.


  • Available in a fun candy apple color
  • Excellent for heavy-duty safety wiring
  • Features durable spring
  • Permits faster wire braiding
  • Durable locking mechanism


  • Does not feature reversible action

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5. Honoson 6 Inch Safety Wire Pliers

If you are looking for a safety plier that’ll be good enough to accommodate your smaller tasks, check out the Honoson 6 Inch Safety Wire Pliers. It can twist wires with 0.011 to 0.028 inches in diameter which is quite enough for smaller.

When you safety wire bolts, you need to make sure they stay in place even when put under pressure. That’s what you’ll get from this 6-inch safety plier. It will ensure outstanding screw maintenance so that all the screws stay securely locked in place.

Moreover, the combination of metal, alloy steel, and carbon steel ensures years of reliable service. Not only that, this pliers feature ergonomic handles that are comfortable to grip.

Once you get a good grip on the pliers, it’s much easier to twist the wires. After the wires are locked inside the smooth jaw safety wire pliers, you only need to pull the handle to begin twisting. This will save much time and stamina.

On top of these, you’ll receive a 10-meter-long steel wire so that you can start safety wiring at once. Overall, it is a great safety pliers for completing tasks around the workshop.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile pliers, wire & strand cutter.
  • Functional non-slip handle design.
  • Includes 10-meter steel wire.
  • Effortless installation with twist helix.
  • Capable of multi-wire twisting.


  • Unique 3-in-1 design
  • Suitable for heavy-duty wiring
  • Compatible with a wide range of wires
  • Heat-treated carbon steel ensures longevity
  • Features user-friendly construction


  • Poor clamping power

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6. Mudder 2 Pieces Aircraft Safety Wire Twisting Pliers

Aircraft engineers and technicians require high-quality safety pliers for everyday work. Bolts and nuts on the airplane face tremendous amounts of speed and vibration. Therefore, they need to be safety wired more securely than any other locks.

The Mudder 2 Pieces Aircraft Safety Wire Twisting Pliers is certainly one of the best aircraft safety wire pliers available. It’s built using superior carbon steel that has been heat-treated. As a result, they can withstand extreme temperatures and intense working environments without any trouble.

What’s more, you will receive two pliers in this package, one six-inch, and one nine-inch. Two sizes will allow aircraft technicians to safety wire any kind of wire.

Furthermore, these pliers will provide long dependable service including impressive screw insurance. Therefore, the airplane screws won’t face any risk of loosening.

In addition to all the useful features, these pliers also come with a user-friendly design. Users get to enjoy a tight comfortable grip on the handles along with multi-wire twisting capability.

Highlighted Features

  • Include two safety pliers.
  • Designed for the aircraft industry.
  • Features built-in wire & strand cutter.
  • Effortless twisting mechanism.
  • Long-lasting carbon steel body.


  • Dual size for enhanced functionality
  • Capable of withstanding heavy usage
  • Produces consistent twists
  • Ensures faster safety wiring
  • Provides high screw security


  • Twist handle requires lubricant

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7. Stanley Proto J197 Safety Wire Reversible Pliers

Professionals constantly have to work with different sized wires while safety wiring. Therefore, having safety pliers that can twist several sizes of wire is a blessing for them.

One such safety pliers is the Stanley Proto J197 Safety Wire Reversible Pliers. This magnificent alloy steel plier is 11 inches long which is larger than most pliers available on the market.

What’s more, the length allows you to work with steel wires from 0.02 inches to 0.06-inch diameters. As a result, professional technicians and mechanics get to accomplish all their safety locking tasks with only one tool.

On top of that, this tool can cut the wire ends and strands after twisting. The wire cutter is quite sharp and can efficiently cut wires with larger gauges too.

Another impressive and useful feature is the reversible function. It’s specifically essential to those who work with high-performance machinery. Reversible action allows the mechanic to create more secure twists that won’t come apart even under high speed and vibration.

Not to mention, this feature will let beginners correct their mistakes while safety wiring. In addition, the heat-treated and serrated jaws are efficient at holding the wires in place and preventing any sort of wire slippage.

Highlighted Features

  • Splendid left & right twisting mechanism.
  • Satisfies SAE Aerospace grade.
  • Works with .02 to .06-inch wires.
  • High-quality 11-inch safety pliers.
  • Lightweight construction for effortless use.


  • Elegant black & silver design
  • Suitable for a variety of wires
  • Functional reversible feature
  • Capable of twisting thicker wires
  • Hassle-free use every time


  • Prone to jamming

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8. Race-Driven Safety Wire Pliers

Even though Race-Driven is a relatively newer company in the machinery world, they have built their name as a brand that produces high-quality repair tools. One of their best tools is the Race-Driven Safety Wire Pliers.

If you need to work in tight corners using thinner wires, this 6-inch Race-Driven safety plier will be perfect for you. It is one of the smallest safety wire pliers available in the market that provides exceptional functionality.

When working in compressed spaces, you need pliers that can reach the wires easily. This safety plier features a tapered nose that’ll effortlessly fit tight corners and create secure wire locks. 

Moreover, the lightweight construction allows you to take it around with you wherever you need it. In addition, the slip-resistant handle ensures secure handling.

Holding the wires in place while twisting is of utmost importance. Race-Driven safety plier ensures uniform twists by clamping the wires securely with its extremely powerful jaws.

You can create twists in the clockwise direction with this plier. Furthermore, you’ll get to apply it on thin wires with 0.020-inch to 0.032-inch diameter. 

Last but not least, the sturdy carbon steel build assures that you can enjoy its versatile usage for an extra long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Indestructible carbon steel construction.
  • Highly functional six-inch safety pliers.
  • Features powerful locking jaws.
  • Allows clockwise twisting mechanism.
  • Tapered nose for versatile usage.


  • Works in tight spaces too
  • Creates uniform twists
  • No-slip handles
  • Corrosion-resistant body
  • Prevents wire slippage


  • Might be too short for some projects

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9. Stahlwille Wire Twisting Pliers

Are you tired of replacing your safety pliers every year? Looking for a tool that will give you quality service for a while? Then, the Stahlwille Wire Twisting Pliers will be perfect for you.

This German safety wire pliers feature a body made with premium quality vanadium. Not only that, other parts of this tool are built with polyvinyl chloride and plastic. 

In addition, the exceptional quality material protects the pliers from rust and corrosion. It keeps the tool damage free even under harsh workshop environments. As a result, you get to enjoy incomparable service for years and years. 

Another excellent feature of this plier is the reversible action. With the flick of a small switch, you can change the twisting pattern from clockwise to anti-clockwise. This ensures maximum security on your safety wiring. On top of that, you can undo wrong twists and prevent wire wastage.

What’s more, you get to have precise control over the jaws during wiring. Their unique angle and serrated design make wire locking effortless.

Stahlwille pliers allow you to twist wires as thick as 0.06 inches. That’s not all, you get razor-sharp side cutters too. This means you can work with any project under the sun with just this one pliers.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy vanadium construction.
  • Anti-clockwise & clockwise mechanism.
  • Exceptional serrated jaws.
  • Includes sharp side cutters.
  • 40° angled jaws for better grip.


  • Ensures extreme precision
  • Portable & lightweight build
  • Outstanding clamping force
  • Allows locking & unlocking safety wires
  • Withstands any pH level & temperature


  • Expensive than others

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10. Gekufa Safety Wire Twisting Pliers

Last but not least, we have another outstanding dual-size safety plier package for all the technicians out there. It’s none other than the Gekufa Safety Wire Twisting Pliers. 

You will receive one 6 and one 9-inch safety pliers in this package. As a result, safety wiring both small and large wires will become effortless for you.

Moreover, this pliers feature an advanced locking mechanism. When you place the wires inside the jaws, and press the handles together the slide lock gets in place. After this no matter how much you tug or pull the wires won’t budge. 

Not only that, but this pliers also feature three functions in one. You can twist wires, cut wires, and cut strands using it. This means saving money as there’s no need to buy three different tools.

Many multi-use pliers end up having dull wire cutters. But not this one. The razor-sharp cutting edge makes snipping off the wire ends effortless.

On top of that, the combination of vanadium, chromium, and alloy steel makes this safety plier almost indestructible. As a result, it can be used in heavy lock wiring for the automobile and aircraft industry.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes two different sized safety pliers.
  • Features a razor-sharp wire cutter.
  • Advanced slide lock mechanism.
  • Long-lasting chromium-vanadium body.
  • Suitable for 0.011 to 0.028-inch wires.


  • Exceptional three in one construction
  • Versatile & multi-use pliers
  • Superior quality build materials
  • Prevents wires from slipping
  • Great for large & small projects


  • Not capable of undoing twists

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Safety Wire Pliers Buying Guide

1. Plier Size

You’ll find several sizes of safety wire pliers in the market and each of them is specified for distinct usage. The best safety wire pliers for airplane locks won’t work for propellers and the ones developed for propellers will not work for automobile projects.

What’s more, the wrong sized pliers can break your safety wires. Hence, conducting research is crucial for determining which size pliers will be suitable for your project. 

Six-inch pliers are the most common and are fitting for most projects. If you need to use thicker wires, 9 or 12-inch pliers will be suitable for you.

2. Build Material

Safety wire pliers are not inexpensive tools. Therefore, you need to choose one that will give you years of service. Pliers made with alloy steel are considered to be the most durable.

Other sturdy materials are stainless steel, vanadium steel, and high carbon steel. Furthermore, to prevent rust and corrosion, go for one with a chrome finish. 

3. Quality Jaws

You’ll find safety wire pliers with either serrated or non-serrated jaws. A serrated jaw gives you more control over the safety wire. Moreover, you’ll be able to cut the wires with more ease as they are much sharper than non-serrated ones. 

In addition, some safety wire pliers come with cushioned jaws. The cushion can catch wire clippings and prevent accidents.

4. Ergonomic Handles

Having an ergonomic handle is essential for increasing the ease of use. Plastic handles are lightweight and easier to handle. However, stainless, alloy, or chrome finished handles will serve you for longer. 

If you’re choosing to go for plastic handles, make sure the plastic is durable enough to handle pressure and mechanical shock. 

Looking for something that’ll provide both comfort and endurance? Go for stainless steel handles that come with padding. These will ensure a good grip, comfort of use, and long service.

5. Reversible Feature

It’s fairly common to make twists in the wrong direction while safety wiring. Reversible safety wire pliers allow you to undo twists. They come with a switch that can reverse the direction of twists. 

What’s more, the reversible action comes in handy when you are wiring multiple bolts together. You can use a clockwise twist on the first to second lock and anti-clockwise on the second to third lock. This will make the safety wires more secure.

6. Integrated Wire Cutter

At the last stage of safety wiring, you need to cut the wire into size. But removing the safety wire from the pliers and placing it into the wire cutter can be a hassle. 

 Safety wire pliers that feature integrated wire cutters can make this process much easier. Such pliers allow you to both twist and cut the wires effortlessly. 

How to Use Safety Wire Pliers?

  1. Select the proper size of safety wire for your project and get a safety piliers according to wire size.
  • Trim the wire to the appropriate length for fastening the bolts. 
  • Then place the wire through the bolts you want to lock. Make sure to leave equal length wire on both sides.
  • Now, put both ends of the steel wire in the safety pliers jaw. Estimate the length of the twist beforehand as it will end precisely where the plier is holding the wire.
  • Slide the retainer sleeve on the barrel to lock the wires inside the jaw. 
  • Once the wires are hooked inside the jaw, let go of the handles. Then, pull the knob connected to the barrel and the spiral rod will begin to spin. When you release the knob, the wires will twist.
  • Pull and release as many times as you need to get the correct number of twists.
  • After the wires are twisted properly, slide the sleeve on the barrel downwards and the wires will be released. 
  • For ensuring optimum security, clip the wire strand at the place where the tenth twist ends. Also, curve the pigtail inward to avoid safety hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Popular Sizes Of Safety Wire Pliers?

Answer: Safety wire pliers come in various sizes for securing different sized wires. Most popular are 6 and 9-inch safety wire pliers. Six-inch ones are suitable for 0.020 to 0.032-inch wires and nine-inch pliers are recommended for up to 0.041-inch wires. 

If you’re dealing with thicker wires, go for the 12-inch pliers.

2. What Precautions Should Be Followed While Using Safety Wire Pliers?

Answer: Wearing safety goggles is of utmost importance while using safety wire pliers. Because snipped wire strands can fly into your eyes and cause serious harm. In addition, you need to wear rubber gloves as sharp wire ends can poke and cut your hands.

Also, remember to pigtail the wire ends after they have been twisted and cut. This will prevent accidents and remove the safety hazard.

3. Why Do Some Safety Pliers Have Cushioned Jaws?

Answer: Some safety pliers include cushioned jaws. The cushioned jaws help catch the wire clippings and avoid unnecessary accidents. You’ll mostly find cushioned jaws in aviation safety wire pliers. 

4. How Many Twists Should I Make Per Inch For Secured Safety Wiring?

Answer: You need to make at least six to eight twists per inch for ensuring ultimate safety. Putting more than 8 twists can cause excessive tension that can result in the wire breaking. Moreover, fewer twists won’t be able to ensure proper security.

5. What Are Reversible Safety Wire Pliers?

Answer: Reversible safety wire pliers are those that can create twists in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Having the reversible function allows you to open any kind of safety wiring as well as create more secure locks.

6. Why Do Airplanes Need Safety Wiring?

Answer: The bolts and locks on airplane oil filters and other critical parts encounter massive vibration and speed while airborne. Excessive vibration can cause the mounting bolts to come loose and such incidents can lead to life-threatening accidents. 

For avoiding such occurrences, safety wiring is needed in the airplane as safety wires make sure no wires or bolts move out of place even under high vibration.

Final Word

Safety wiring is used on vehicles and machines where bolts are at risk of opening due to excessive vibration or speed. Hence, making sure the twists are locked securely is extremely important in such cases. 

If you have to fasten bolts with safety wiring frequently, definitely get safety wire pliers. It will not only allow you to rapidly safety wire all the locks but also help you in avoiding unnecessary risks.

Our article has discussed the best safety wire pliers available in the market including all their pros and cons. In addition, go through the buying guide to learn the crucial factors to keep in mind while shopping for your ideal safety wire pliers. 

So, choose your safety wire pliers and enjoy all the exciting benefits!

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