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Growth Market: Marijuana has created a groundswell of opportunity for security providers

As a leader in secure transportation of cannabis, Thomas Gerstenecker is helping to set standards by which cannabis will move securely from Licensed Producers (LPs) to markets across Canada. “Once recreational use is legalized, the role of security service providers will be expanded from within licensed facilities to applying these services to the retail market,” he said.

Securing Cannabis from Point A to Point B

The founder and CEO of 3|Sixty Secure Corp. describes the risk management approach he employs in helping Licensed Producers (LPs) transport cannabis securely. “Regardless of the size of the operation, every LP should look at the security of their supply chain, including how they transport their product,” he writes. As a leader in the field of secure transport of cannabis, Thomas offers tips on the kinds of guarding, types of […]

A 3|Sixty Perspective: Talking Security with Thomas Gerstenecker

When a writer from High! Canada saw 3|Sixty’s booth at a cannabis expo…

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