The History of Home Entertainment

Different methods of home entertainment have evolved and changed history in the process. From the radio all the way to Netflix, families and home life have changed because of it. Here’s what the history of home entertainment has given families and how it has shaped the concept of home entertainment as we know it today. … Read more

What’s The Best Wireless Surround Sound System? Top 10 Revealed

So you broke down and bought a fancy new high definition television, and you love the crystal-clear images but the sound definitely leaves something to be desired. The remedy is to purchase a wireless surround sound system for a theater-quality audio experience. Some folks enjoy comparing the endless number of components and building their system … Read more

ATH-SR9 Audio-Technica Earphones: The High-Resolution Solution

Audio-Technica earphones have a reputation for toughness and responsiveness. However, the Audio Technica ATH-SR9 offers an amazing high-resolution sound that may make you question your long-held beliefs about headphone frequency response. These ATH headphones are game changers. These over-the-ear hi-res earphones achieve superior sound by use of two 45 mm “True Motion” drivers with bobbin-wound … Read more