The Brava Oven is a Smart Appliance to Make Your Dinners Easy

brava oven

Ovens are an essential part of modern households. Today they are more ubiquitous than hearths, even though they often become the center of domestic activity. Early people huddled around their fireplace might be shocked to learn that most people cook their food in a dedicated heating appliance instead of directly over the coals. Perhaps some … Read more

Hue Light Strips Product Review

A roll of phillips hue lightstrips.

Smart lights, such as Hue Light Strips, are a popular new form of lighting. Smart lights can change colors, brightness, and turn on and off with your smartphone or with the click of a remote button. Many smart lights can also connect to smart home speakers or assistants such as Google Home and Alexa, making … Read more

Air Quality Monitor – The Top Brands and Models Today Revealed

One of the best air quality monitors on today's market

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution poses one of the biggest risks to human health. Unfortunately, many people think that air pollution is only a problem if you live in a big city. However,  pollutants like carbon dioxide, pollen, and dust can affect any part of the world including rural areas. An … Read more

Solar Powered Air Conditioner – The Top 5 Models Revealed

solar powered air conditioner models

This article reviews the best available DC and AC solar powered air conditioners available. The increasing costs of energy and recent innovations in solar technology make solar power air conditioners an economical option for those who want to reduce their air conditioning costs by up to 97%. A solar powered air conditioner is a viable … Read more

Best Solar Panels: The Top Products on the Market to Ensure Sustainability

best solar panels

There is a wide range of solar panels available for domestic use.  This review article looks at the best solar panels available from all over the world and features industry award winners, and high performing, top end panels which deliver a minimum of 15% efficiency for domestic use in the USA. Domestic solutions often offer … Read more