10 Useful DIY Smart Home Projects to Get Your Smart House Started

DIY smart home projects are becoming increasingly popular. Everything from complete security systems to lighting is unified through the Internet of Things (IoT). What used to be separate systems can now all be controlled from your smartphone. Since this is new technology, some aspects of home automation are expensive. That said, if you have a … Read more

Smart Technologies That Are Coming In The Near Future

mobile phone

Image source:  pixabay In the last 80 to 100 years, we have seen the greatest leaps in technology since the beginning of civilization. Even though some ancient cultures made great scientific achievements or were more advanced than we first realized, the technological advancements of the last century have occurred at a pace never seen in … Read more

The Best Smart Blinds on the Market Today

A picture of smart shades

Living in a city environment-being surrounded by lights that never sleep and streets that are rarely hushed-oftent means window blinds are a necessity for a good night’s sleep. It is suggested that sleeping in unadulterated darkness gives you the best REM sleep, which in turns gives your brain the proper repair time it needs to … Read more

Char Broil Electric Smoker Models to Check Out

Meat that was cooked in a char broil electric smoker

Are you considering investing in an electric smoker to bring a whole new flavor profile to your meat cooking experience? Have you been surveying the various options on the market, but are not sure which one to select? Allow us to introduce the char broil electric smoker. Unparalleled in terms of ease and efficiency, there … Read more