Zigbee vs Z-Wave: Which Is the Better Wireless Technology?

zigbee vs z-wave comparison

There are four wireless technologies that you can use when creating a smart home. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave are all currently available solutions. You have probably heard of the first two, but the last two are relatively unknown. So, you might be interested in our ZigBee vs Z-Wave technology comparison. Exploring the Latest in … Read more

Best Solar Panels: The Top Products on the Market to Ensure Sustainability

best solar panels

There is a wide range of solar panels available for domestic use.  This review article looks at the best solar panels available from all over the world and features industry award winners, and high performing, top end panels which deliver a minimum of 15% efficiency for domestic use in the USA. Domestic solutions often offer … Read more

Best Robot Vacuum- Consumer Reports, Wirecutter, Cnet & Reddit Roundup

Finding faster and easier ways to keep the house clean has been happening since the invention of the broom. As time passed, products have become more innovative, taking the hard work out of housework. Enter the invention of the robot vacuum, moving on its own and sucking up everything from small crumbs to slightly larger … Read more

Smart Washer and Dryer Models – The Best Available in the Market Today

Smart washer and dryer unit

We all need to clean our clothes. As technology increasingly makes its way into every aspect of our lives, getting the task done becomes both easier and more complicated. Gone are the days of manual settings, timing laundry loads in our heads, estimating when the dryer is done. Smart Washers and Dryers are on the … Read more

Smart Home Bridge: What to Know Before You Buy

Image of person using a smart home bridge and smartphone to operate home devices from afar.

Do you have a smart home, or are you planning to turn your home into a smart home soon? Then you’ll probably need a smart home bridge. A smart home bridge may not be the most glamorous part of smart home design, but it is essential for getting your home to work.