Best Biometric Gun Safe

Secure and reliable storage for firearms is now possible with biometric gun safes. By eliminating keypads or electronic codes, fingerprint technology simplifies and increases gun storage safety. Recently, gun safes have benefited from dramatic advancements in biometric technology, making the sensors much easier and more affordable to use than ever before. We have compiled a … Read more

Best Wall Safe

There is a huge interest in home security right now, as people increasingly get suspicious of banks and criminals become smarter and savvier. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that wall safe sales have dramatically increased recently. There are many options out there, all with their own unique benefits and quirks, whether you’re looking … Read more

Wemo Maker: What Can’t It Do?

A person's hand holding a smart phone that is controlling their smart home and wemo maker

A connected smart home is supposed to be simple, but too many times it is a complicated hassle. Is there a product that can connect your home and make it worth the effort? We wanted to take a close look at the WeMo Maker, a popular product many people are using to connect their homes. … Read more

Blink vs Ring: Security Systems Compared

With the advent of the Internet, video surveillance systems took a quantum leap forward. No longer do these systems need to be tied to phone lines, which can be cut and leave the system useless. But which ones are best for your home use? This article looks at two such systems and provides an in-depth comparison … Read more

Google Home Mini vs. Echo Dot: Which Is Superior?

As people are looking for more ways to add convenience to their daily lives, finding the best voice assistants and smart speakers to pair with them becomes an important decision. The Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot is a comparison worth making. They are both entry-level, compact, smart assistant controllers, but there are some differences you’ll … Read more